About A Real Retreat

“Those of us who are interested in growth and evolution are here to eat poison – the way the peacock consumes fungus from trees and then turns the poison into colors.  We will always have a choice, wake up and transform our pain into beauty or continue to complain and remain a victim to life’s circumstances.”

This is a blog dedicated to my clients and to each of their individual healing journeys.

Each of us is seeking something. That search, if we choose it, can bring us fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy. But it can also bring us pain, fear, and uncertainty.

That search is the work of becoming fully alive. It is strenuous, painstaking, and always worth it. I want this blog to be a support for each of my clients as the search, strive, and succeed.




One response to “About A Real Retreat

  1. Hello. I found your blog as a part of a search for OA. I hope peace finds you as well. Feel free to check out my blog and perhaps we’ll find some ways to draw strength from each other.

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